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La fonderie de Yan / Yan's foundry

Fabriquer le tour a metal Gingery - MENU PRINCIPAL
Building the Gingery metal lathe - MAIN MENU

This is my experience building the Gingery lathe. This seems fun and educative.
I have not tried any casting project of this envergure, so I learn a lot as I go.
After doing some parts, I realize it is a fairly small lathe. But it'll do!

Here are some of the many patterns I build for the lathe. The round ones are handles.
You can see the 3" cold rolled, the clamps cold rolled and the all-thread for the lead screws.

Here I make the patterns for the lathe. A learning experience!

Here is the counter shaft assembly. Only missing the pulleys and belts.

Here is the inventory of parts needed and a review of costs vs gains.

Here is the 8 x 8 x 6 flask I made for small parts with recycled wood.

Here are some pictures of the castings I made for the lathe.

If you want to have a clear idea of what it would look like, check the lathe at this site:
and this site:

The book used for building this lathe is named "The Metal Lathe" and is the #2 of the
"Build your own metal working shop from scrap" serie written by David J. Gingery.

More to come, in the meanwhile, stay tuned to the metal casting forums of the hour:
Liquid Metal Speaks! at
and Metal Talk at