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La fonderie de Yan / Yan's foundry

Fabriquer le tour a metal Gingery - Fabriquer des patterns
Building the Gingery metal lathe - Making patterns

These are the parts I have cut and sanded from 1/4" plywood to make the base.
MDF would have been better but I did'nt know at the time.

Trying drywall all-purpose compound to make some patches... not really good.
Water based wood filler proved much better. I revived my old one with water.

This aparel I made for holding the base. I love all-thread.

Boxing the base, this proved tricky but I held it tight... and it stuck all right.

Now glueing the legs of the base. No real problem there, all was ready.

Here is the based pattern. I was really sorry to realize it was 1/8 too short on each sides. Damn!
I will redo this one using 5/16 MDF instead. Plywood is not very easy to work with.

Here is the core cavity. Probably I'l make the next pattern plain and use this for the cores.

My method for making nice circles of MDF after a rough cut with the hack saw.
I have to be very carefull but the chiesel attachment makes it very stable.
I wear googles there and gloves and go a bit at the time. The shaft is 1/4" all-thread.

The small part is cut with a bell hole saw. It fit nicely on 1/4" all-thread.

After glue is applied, the thing is squeezed hard together with the screws.

Voila, nice handles wich I will be able to graduate.

The carriage apron pattern from wood found down the road.

The split nut handle pattern cut from 1/4 inch MDF and sanded.

And here is the split-nut pattern that I finished. The prints have to be done when I get everyghint assembled.
This pattern was easier than I tough... we'll see how precise I got it when I fit it on the lead screw.

The arbour is simply a piece of an old printer shaft which was a bit over 3/8".
I had to grind it a bit where is enters the split-nut. I have to find a drill bit that will make the apron hole.

The lead screw bearings patterns from 3/4" plywood I found in the garbages. Free!

The core I will use is a very big bolt which happens to be 1/2" at the shaft.

Here is another view of the lead screw bearings fitted on the core.

Here are all the parts fitted in the flasks as I will cast them. It fits nicely.

This is another day of work on some paterns. Here is the base for the tail stock.
It seemed pretty simple so I made this one for practice.

Here is the tail stock base fitted on the way + gib. I spaced it a little using pieces of exacto knife blades.

And here is the almost finished pattern. Still some putty and sanding to make on it to remove the dents.

And here is the pulley pattern I'm making. This pattern is made so I can cast the 2 parts separately.
One left, and on right part and these will be cast on the flat side and assembled using hex key screws.

Here it is on the press-drill after some finition work. It is fully assembled I will put a set screw in the collar.

And here I made some sander device to fit in the press-drill so I can bring the center of the swivel base down.
The piece of wood is 1/4" MDF and needed to be sanded in the middle to create the circular contact point.

Here I'm using the device carefully. It does a pretty good job and got me done with this in a few minutes.
Now I have to make the bracket that mounts on top of the swivel piece.

Here I used the same pad to cut the tunnel under the head stock base.

Here is the almost finished head stock. It only needs the pads, the tunnel was done previously.