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La fonderie de Yan / Yan's foundry

Fabriquer le tour a metal Gingery - Counter Shaft
Building the Gingery metal lathe - Counter Shaft

The motor is 1/4 hp and 1725 rpm, this is 120v and 6A. Pulley is 1 3/4" I think.
I got this motor for 3$ (canadian) at a garage sale. Ya know, the kind of deal you can't resist.

Counter shaft assembly parts and the 1/4 inch all thread for small feed screws.
A reciprocating saw is a wonderfull tool (saw-z-all). I cut everything with this now.
After some grinding and wire wheel brush, they are ready to be drilled and assembled.

And here is the finally assembled counter shaft assembly. There are 30 bolts of 1/4" x 3/4" in there.
The nuts that pivot are lock-nuts with the nylon strip inside to ensure they don't work themself loose.

The handle is a piece of 1 1/4" dowell from the piece needed for the tail stock which I taped 1/4-20.
The shaft is a piece of 5/8" cold rolled steel cleaned up on the wire brush. I will use a longer piece.

Here is the lever in the "use" position. Initially my small 1/2 inch pieces were too long.
It would'nt close right. In a matter of minutes, I made new brackets that fit.

Here is the lever in the "change gear" position. It works beautifully and the handle is just the right size.

Now here is the motor mounted on the counter shaft assembly.
There is a new shaft as the other was too short. This seems to fit much better.
I have made slots in the motor base since it was'nt a standard mounting base.

And here is how I attached the power cord using tie-wraps. I love tie-wraps.
This will make sure the wire stay out of the way. I will install a switch box near by to plug it in.