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La fonderie de Yan / Yan's foundry

Voici quelques photos de ma fonderie
Here are some pics about my foundry

Voici la bombone de propane et la fonderie avec le brűleur inséré.
Notez le régulateur ŕ hautre pression. Il est ajusté a environ 15psi.

Here is the propane tank and the foundry with burner inserted.
Note the high-pressure regulator. It is set to around 15 psi

Voici la fondrie avec le creuset en stainless-steel.

Here is the foundry with the stainless-steel crucible.

Voici le brűleur a coté du tube pour indiquer la profondeur et le
fait que celui-ci ne nécessite pas de bec. A gauche la needle-valve.

Here's the burner held aside the tube to show the depth it goes and
the fact that there is no flare as it's not needed. Left is the needle-valve.

Voici mes creusets en stainless-steel. Ceux-ci sont trčs pratiques et peux couteux.
Tous proviennent du magasin a 1 $ et les petites coupes sont utilisées avec ma fonderie portative.

Here are my stainless-steel crucibles. These are pretty usefull and inexpensive.
All come from the dollar store and the small cups are used in my portative foundry.

An upgrade has been done on the furnace. I now have a lid and it seems to hold up.
The body is a plate for partys servings... A 1/4inch screen and screws all around hold it together.
Refractory is made from the perlite / refractory cement in a bucket rated at 2500F.
My furnace hold up pretty well using the 2300F stuff coated with 3000F cement.

Here is a nice melting setup. The Furnace is in the botom of a water weater filled with sand.
It is put on a patio cement block which rest on a cement block. It is a bit high but all is clean.
This makes it more comfortable to work with. I usually work on the other side.

That thing above the furnace will become the chimney when I bring the furnace inside.
It's an old projector made in germany. All steel with some kind of enamel on it. Tough stuff.