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La fonderie de Yan / Yan's foundry

Le tour styromousse haute vitesse.
High-speed foam lathe.

Here is a foam lathe I made with a printer shaft, a small bearing assembly and an aspirator head motor.
The electrolux type aspirator was found down the street and can be considered free. The plastic retainers are just HMF plastic cut with a bell saw. I drilled a side hole and put hex-head lock-nuts without threading. The big wooden retainers are MDF cut with a bell saw. Big pulleys tends to slip and burn the core of the pulley.

And here it is with some safety equipments and the cutter I use for ruff shapes.
I already made a few pulleys with it. Gotta be carefull cause it's fast!
I hope you realize that there is a bearing in the block at the right. This thing must go 6000 rpm +.
I also installed a switch and kept the original overload protection device. Cost? 10$ max.
All I have to do now is build an adjustable steady rest. That'll be no problem.

Having fun at low cost!