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La fonderie de Yan / Yan's foundry

Le tour a foam
The foam lathe

Ici mon coupe foam fabriqué en 2 heures. Les pieces me tombaient sous la main par chance et tout a été rapidement sans plan défini autre que les photos du coupe foam de Jim sur

Here is my foam cutter fabricated in 2 hours. Parts fell in my hand like chance and all went fast without a plan other than the pics of Jim's foam lath on The shafts are from an old printer. I made de blocks as blockers for the foam and will make nice aluminum ones soon!

Here the turning bar is off it's hole. I have a set scret to hold it in once it's installed.

This is the place the power supply came! hehe, it was set for trash!

This fan comes from an old microwave. Nice to suck the fumes out.
Sorry for the lame use of red ducktape.

The switch was in my hand during my cleaning of the bench then I realized I could use that. ;)